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We are a nonprofit private organization. We were born in 1972, with the objective of bringing together science and Euskera. We took the first steps as a cultural association, and in 2002 we became a foundation. Together with the foundation, the Elhuyar group also includes the companies Zubize SLU and Eleka Ingeniaritza linguistikoa SL.

Although science and Euskera remain very important pillars, we are currently an organization that offers services for the application of advanced knowledge. We help businesses, social partners and administrations to find innovative solutions to meet the challenges of globalisation with a multidisciplinary approach. To remain a benchmark in the development of Euskera and Basque society, we collaborate with professionals of science, artificial intelligence, lexicography, translation, linguistic management and social improvement.

Mission: to build, from the Basque Country, an active, critical and egalitarian society, making use of technology and knowledge and investing in the dissemination of science.

Strategic lines:
  1. Continuous innovation
  2. Organization adapted to the needs of each moment
  3. Community articulation
  4. Strengthening of the working team
  5. Dissemination of Elhuyar's work in society

Elhuyar group values



We give priority to accountability to society and our goal is social transformation. We are committed to our work, our coworkers and our clients.


We have a long trajectory, and our spine is a trained team with extensive experience. We seek knowledge and quality.



We work as a team both internally and externally, sharing knowledge. Teamwork and collaboration are the axes of our activity.


We move forward without fear of exploring new areas. In our daily lives we encourage initiative, creativity and continuous improvement.



Our relations are based on respect for people and mutual trust. We seek the satisfaction of both the work team and the collaborators and clients.

The Board of the Elhuyar Foundation

  • Eustakio Arrojeria EguskitzaVice-President
  • Jesus Mari Ugalde Uribe-Etxeberria
  • Itziar Laka Mugarza
  • Leire Cancio Orueta
  • Rafael Bañales Arrula
  • Libe Mimenza Castillo
  • See Karmele Gomez
  • Alfonso Mujika EtxeberriaSecretary
  • Jon Abril OlaetxeaGeneral coordinator
Persons chosen on their merits
  • Xabier Arrangi Iparragirre
  • Itziar Alkorta Idiakez
  • Iñaki Alegria Loinaz
  • Jose Mari Pitarke de la TorrePresidente
Collaborating companies
  • TecnaliaJoseba Laka Mugarza
  • NEIKERLeire Barañano Orbe
Public institutions
  • Department of Education of the Basque GovernmentAmaia Eskisabel Alegria
  • Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government Leire Madariaga Gangoiti
  • Directorate for Linguistic Equality of the Provincial Council of GipuzkoaGarbiñe Mendizabal Mendizabal
  • City Hall of UsurbilAgurtzane Solaberrieta Mesa



Jon Abril Olaetxea

General coordinator


Itziar Cortes Etxabe

Language and Technology


Josu Aztiria Uraran

Artificial intelligence in the linguistic field

Garazi Andonegi Beristain



Amaia Zarrabeitia Salterain



Manex Urruzola Arrate

Communication services


Izaskun Etxebeste Arozena

Economy and finance

Erakunde bazkideak