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Artificial intelligence and language technologies

Elhuyar | Zerbitzuak

Elhuyar and the artificial intelligence center Orai are working together to develop artificial intelligence technology. This partnership allows us to explore cutting-edge research fields, and then transfer the results to the services.

These are the services and products developed and marketed by Elhuyar:

  • Elia, the automatic translator for Elhuyar

    The automatic translator for Elhuyar is available to users and customers on the website: Basque, Spanish, French, Galician and Catalan. Elia translates texts with or without format in just a few seconds.
  • Aditu, Elhuyar's speech recognizer

    Aditu is the Elhuyar speech recognizer, and is available on the website. Aditu allows you to create transcripts and subtitles of video and audio files, as well as edit the transcripts and subtitles automatically performed using an advanced editing interface.
  • Elhuyar neuronal TTS

    Elhuyar's neural TTS presents voices that sound very natural. In addition, the website offers website reading bars and text-to-speech services We also offer the possibility of creating systems that mimic a person's voice from recordings of their voice.
  • More smart solutions

    We also develop other artificial intelligence projects and language technologies, such as the automatic extraction of terminology and knowledge, the management and advanced creation of linguistic data, solutions linked to digital humanities and services for smart and advanced language management.

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