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Elhuyar was set up in 1972 with the aim of bringing science and Basque together. It took its first steps as a cultural association, and then in 2002 became a foundation. After having been in existence for 40 years, 2013 saw the updating of its mission, the adapting of its business units, and the changing of its corporate image.

Aim: We work to consolidate the Basque language in Science, Technology and Society and to open up new spheres for it, our overall aim being to foster an active, critical Basque community.

Vision: We are working to consolidate the spheres in which we are already present, and to win over the new fields that are emerging with strength. We are seeking to become a centre of reference for Basque society, and to improve our positioning outside the Basque Country.

Strategic lines:

  1. The strengthening of the group’s integration process
  2. Leadership and improvement
  3. Opening up of new markets
  4. Consolidation in terms of finance and economy

Elhuyar Group values:

Decision-making capacity: We have an appropriate attitude and are competent when it comes to making decisions. We do so in a daring way but on firm foundations, while taking into consideration at all times the spheres developed in advance (conditions, criteria, processes, etc.).
Commitment: We have a sense of commitment towards the Elhuyar project as individuals and as a group.

Openness and co-operation:

• We are open to working with other players.
• We are open to fresh ideas, projects and new ways of working.
• We are prepared to share what we know.
• We are part of a broader system or network made up of members, suppliers, clients, collaborators and allies.

Effectiveness: We want to address the needs of society in our areas of work. We are effective from the perspective of results and processes.

People development: We promote the curiosity, knowledge, initiative and entrepreneurship of the members of the working team.

Leadership: We create and promote new projects and plans.

Patronatuko diagrama


  • CEO: Leire Cancio Orueta
  • Language and Technology: Josu Aztiria Urtaran
  • Science: Maria Gil Rodríguez
  • Consulting: Aizpea Otaegi Mitxelena
  • Communication: Manex Urruzola Arrate

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