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El experto, experto en conversación bilingüe de Elhuyar, disponible online

The expert, expert in bilingual conversation of Elhuyar, available online

2020 | March 12
  • First Basque transcription platform and automatic subtitled audio and video.
  • It works with both pre-recorded and direct files.
  • Based on artificial intelligence and neural networks.
  • The test can be performed free of charge on the website
  • It guarantees data privacy and is flexible to adapt to customer needs.

Elhuyar presented today in San Sebastian at the event he held in Tabakalera: Expert.

Expert is a platform for automatic transcription and subtitling of audio and video, developed by researchers from the Elhuyar R&D team, using cutting-edge technology.

Jon Abril Olaetxea, Director General of Elhuyar, and Igor Leturia, responsible for the Azkarate project, have explained to guests and journalists.

Jon Abril has stressed that languages like the Basque are outside the market strategies and interests of technological giants, and that it is important to develop resources such as the Expert in Euskal Herria: "In order for the Basque country to have a good digital vitality, we cannot fail to depend on what those giants do or what the key technological developments for our language will not do. It is therefore essential to develop our own strategy and deepen technological sovereignty." He called on the institutions to launch an ambitious research and development plan in linguistic technologies and artificial intelligence to develop tools such as the Expert, "which will bring new opportunities for the Basque country".

After the director of Elhuyar, Igor Leturia, responsible for speech technologies, has spoken and explained the details of Adegi. He warned that “we have used the most innovative technologies in speech knowledge: neural networks, artificial intelligence… and is able to understand and process the Basque and Spanish”.

He is a bilingual expert who generates transcriptions and subtitles in both Spanish and Basque, both from pre-recorded and direct files. You can process audio files, video files, audio and video links online (EITB, RTVE, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram…). It also performs simultaneous transcriptions, offering the possibility of directly obtaining written text when speaking on the microphone.

In addition to the transcript text, it also generates subtitle files (both in VTT format and SRT format). And we can also ask for transcription with the time marks of each word for advanced video searches, for example.

The platform itself also has an editing interface that allows manually correcting the transcripts and subtitles automatically created by Expert.

It can be used on the web itself, but it also allows its integration into other sites and platforms to fit the needs of customers.

The system is fully confidential and flexible in order to be able to adapt to customers’ applications by managing their data safely and with full assurance.

The expert who knows speech is applicable in many fields and is particularly useful in four:

  • Audiovisual and media: subtitles of documentaries and programmes, transcripts of interviews, etc.
  • Public administration: minutes of plenary or other meetings
  • Person-machine interaction: Talking machines for Industry 4.0, domotics, dialogue agents and virtual assistants, call centers…
  • Accessibility: dictation systems…

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