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Noticia Elhuyar

Elia incorporates, on its first anniversary, the possibility of customizing translations

2022 | March 25
Elia is the first automatic translator in Euskera to offer this option.

Elia, the automatic translator of Elhuyar, incorporates a new functionality in its first anniversary. You can now add a custom dictionary to translate certain words or phrases according to everyone's preferences. It is the first automatic translator in Euskera to offer this option and will help preserve the consistency of the texts.

The Elhuyar Automatic Translator, available both in the format and through its mobile application, performs in a few seconds translations between six languages: Euskera, Spanish, French, English, Catalan and Galician.

In the case of the web, besides using the text box, you can request the direct translation of complete documents, which returns in the language we choose with the same format and appearance as the original: colors, images, graphics, tables…

The application of mobile devices also allows translation of text images. We can use it to translate texts from our own photographs and images that come to us through social media.
The use of machine translation along with custom dictionaries has been researched and developed in the TANPER project, funded by the HAZITEK programme of the Basque Government, with the help of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).