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El servicio de traducción de Elhuyar ha renovado el certificado de calidad

Elhuyar translation service has renewed the quality certificate

2021 | November 18
Elhuyar's professional translation service has renewed the quality certificate EN ISO 17100:2015. This document certifies that Elhuyar takes care of the service it provides to its customers, both in terms of the quality of the texts it delivers and its relationship with the customer.

Elhuyar obtained in 2010 the first quality certification, UNE EN 15038, and renewed it annually until 2016 this certification was replaced by the one obtained according to EN ISO 17100:2015, which has also renewed year after year.

Elhuyar has been providing translation and correction services for over 20 years ( Its language and technology service specializes in the translation of technical texts, translation of university textbooks from very diverse disciplines, translation of scientific and technical subjects of Professional Training, business texts and software localization. Moreover, it regularly translates texts of advertising campaigns and documents aimed at customers for many companies in the service sector.

The translators of the Elhuyar translation service have long experience in the management of urgent and large-scale work. In addition, they offer on demand a daily delivery service for translation and correction work that is particularly tailored to the needs of clients who so request, and manage translations and corrections in various languages (both source and destination). They work mainly with the following languages: Basque, Spanish, French, English, Catalan and Galician, but their translation service also serves translation requests across the spectrum of European Union languages.

In addition, since 2021, the Elhuyar translation service has created and translated subtitles and transcripts of audiovisual works.Elhuyar has his own technology, the Aditu speech recognizer, and offers a professional service through it.


Itzulpenflow: direct relationship with the customer

Elhuyar uses a comprehensive platform to control the entire workflow involved in the translation process: [Itzulpenflow].

It allows you to manage all the necessary steps from the client requesting a translation or correction until the final text is received: fluid communication with the client, translation and correction requests, allocation and internal control of translation and correction work, and tasks related to the administrative and financial aspects of applications (e.g. budgets and billing).

The client, for his part, can follow up all his requests on this platform, and can download from it at any time both the original text and the requested translation or correction.