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Elhuyar was set up in 1972 with the aim of bringing science and the Basque language together. It took its first steps as a cultural association and became a foundation in 2002, after having been in operation for 40 years. The Elhuyar group has another two enterprises under its wing: Zubize SL and Eleka Ingeniaritza Linguistikoa SL. In 2013 it took another step and was organised as a group.

Mission: "We want to build an active, critical, egalitarian society from the starting point of Basque, as we create technology and knowledge and commit ourselves to the popularisation of science".

Strategic lines:

  1. Continuous innovation
  2. Tailored organization
  3. Articulation of the community
  4. Cohesion of the work team
  5. Socialization of Elhuyar

Elhuyar Group values:

Elhuyar is an organisation that is:

  • Open. We practice both internal and external collaboration while sharing knowledge. Teamwork and collaboration are the backbones of our daily work.
  • Committed. Social responsibility is one of our principles and we pursue social transformation. We are committed to our work, our colleagues and our customers.
  • Entrepreneurial. We advance without being afraid of exploring new fields. In our day-to-day activity we encourage initiative, creativity and ongoing improvement.
  • Solid. We have a long trajectory behind us, endorsed by an experienced working team. The quest for knowledge and quality is essential in our work.
  • Empathic. Our relations are based on respect for people and mutual trust. Our aim is to achieve the satisfaction of our team, of our collaborating individuals and organisations, and of our customers.


  • CEO: Jon Abril Olaetxea
  • Language and Technology: Josu Aztiria Urtaran
  • Science: Maria Gil Rodríguez
  • Consulting: Maddi Etxebarria Bilbao
  • Communication: Manex Urruzola Arrate

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