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Teknopolis aurkezpena Elhuyar

Season 25 of TEKNOPOLIS starts this weekend

2022 | September 19
  • The science and technology programme marks a new image, and will continue to address scientific issues in its twenty-fifth edition
  • It will be issued on Saturdays at ETB1, at 13:30, and on Sundays at ETB2, at 12:15


This morning, the 25th season of the Teknopolis programme, which deals with science, technology and innovation, was presented at Elhuyar in Usurbil. It will start precisely this weekend, on Saturday at 13:30 in ETB1 and on Sunday at 12:15 in ETB2.

In this 25th season, Teknopolis premieres a new image and, as it has done in all previous seasons, aims to bring the public closer to science. It will offer the public 30 minutes a week of interest, with themes from both the Basque Country and other parts of the world. The host will be Iñaki Leturia Yurrita again, and the address will be given by Nagore Rementeria Argote and Leturia himself.

As Leturia explained in a press conference, “the new image also reflects Teknopolis’s intention. The image seen at first glance is clean and accurate, and also has a primary objective: to contribute to providing the information clearly.” Leturia has emphasized that television is image and sound, and that the proper use of both resources facilitates the treatment of science, since scientific topics are especially grateful when the appropriate resources are used.

Among the topics we will see in the new Teknopolis season are the labs, the waves, the ecosystems and the food of the future. And there's a link that connects them: climate emergency. “People cannot leave it aside, and in the case of Teknopolis we observed lately that it is presented on almost every subject. It is therefore also our responsibility to provide detailed and rigorous information on the climate emergency and to report on the impact of this global change.”

The presentation took place at Elhuyar, Usurbil. Amaia Esquisabel Alegría, Director of Research of the Basque Government, pointed out that for 25 years Teknopolis has become a benchmark in the dissemination of science, technology and innovation. “That a programme should be maintained for so
many years highlights the interest of our society in science and technology. Teknopolis is an open window to science that develops in the Basque Country and around the world, and every weekend brings us closer and helps us understand the latest scientific-technological advances.”

ETB’s Director of Programs and Art, Gorka García Peral, has put the emphasis on Teknopolis’s leadership, and added that the program is the main audiovisual window of science subjects. Also, recalling the motto of EITB Emotions that unite us, he said that EITB wants to be a meeting point of emotions. In this sense, he added that Teknopolis has succeeded not only in satisfying the viewers’ curiosity in a visual, attractive and precise way, but has also excited them with “the program’s reports and the interviewees’ testimonies”.

Jon Abril Olaetxea, general coordinator of Elhuyar, said this is a special year for Elhuyar: “We are celebrating our 50th anniversary, and Teknopolis reaches its 25th season. With 50 years dedicated to scientific dissemination, with the Basque as the axis, Elhuyar and the Teknopolis program are one of the great references of science and technology in the Basque Country”. April recalled that since its inception Elhuyar has had as its main objective the structuring of a community, and that the Teknopolis program also participates in this objective. “As well as being a good showcase of science in the Basque Country, we work to educate citizens and form a critical vision.” He stressed that, in order to successfully complete his 50-year career, it was essential to "network and foster collaboration between the actors", which remains one of the fundamental pillars of the organisation. “We cannot do this alone. The collaboration of a whole community is needed: sponsors, research staff, outreach work and, of course, citizens who consume science content.”

Finally, April highlighted the long-standing collaboration between Elhuyar and EITB Media, and thanked all the sponsors of the new Teknopolis edition for their collaboration and support: Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment and Department of Education of the Basque Government, University of the Basque Country, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Public University of Navarra, TKNIKA, Centre for Applied Research and Innovation in Vocational Training, Basque Energy Agency and BRTA.