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Novedades en la web del traductor automático de Elhuyar y en la aplicación para móviles

News on the Elhuyar automatic translator web and mobile app

2020 | May 18
  • The mobile app also translates the text of the images
  • You can translate 500 words every time into the web text box.
  • Documents in format can be translated in full
  • 3 documents 1,000 words free
  • Payment services can be paid directly from the website

Elhuyar has renewed the website of its multilingual automatic translator (itzultzaile and mobile app.

The renewed mobile app allows, in addition to the previous services, to return the text of the images. To do this, it is sufficient to open the application and place the mobile at the height of the image. The application will detect the text of the image and translate it to the language requested by us, without having to enter the text in the application letter to letter.

On the website we have expanded free services. Users, as they have done so far, can use the box to translate as many times as they wish for translations between the six languages of the Web (Euskera, Spanish, French, English, Catalan and Galician). Now, in addition, if you register, you can translate 500 words a day (without registration, every 100 words). On the other hand, in addition to the mere text, they will also be able to translate documents into format, three free documents of up to 1,000 words and then in payment.


As far as payment services are concerned, if a long-term plan is not to be contracted, it is possible to make the payment of orders that are made at any time by credit card in a simple way.

Elhuyar made available to its multilingual automatic translator in November 2019, free of charge, and since then continues to make improvements and incorporate functionalities. Elhuyar's R&D engineers have used the most innovative technologies to develop the automatic translator, including artificial intelligence and neural networks. It is very comfortable and easy to use and flexible to be able to offer advanced services to customers who want it according to their needs. In fact, the Elhuyar Automatic Translator allows you to translate the documents in full format in a few seconds and introduce the system anywhere, through the REST API: into professional translators tools (Wordfast, SDL Trados Studio...), on user websites and CMS, in corporate authentication systems (Single Sign On)…

Elhuyar's trajectory in linguistic technologies

Since its founding in 1972, Elhuyar has had the vocation to link languages to science and technology and is a reference in the treatment of the Basque language and the languages surrounding it. In 2002, he started his research in the field of language technologies with the Hizking21 project, and two years later he addressed machine translation. Since then he has participated in several projects in this area and made the services available.


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