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Terminología del COVID-19: #Últimas modificaciones en nuestros diccionarios

COVID-19 terminology: #Latest changes to our dictionaries

2020 | June 30
Elhuyar continuously updates its dictionaries and communicates it through social networks, with the hashtag #Azken Aldaketak. Lately we have been updating the vocabulary associated with the situation caused by COVID-19 disease.

In order to have access to this terminology, we would like to offer the possibility to consult all of them jointly, collecting the batch extensions on social networks.

In early February, four entries were updated in the Elhuyar Encyclopedic Dictionary of Science and Technology:

Immediately after his international appointment we proposed a consideration in Basque for the disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease or COVID-19.

Since then, week by week, we have continued updating dictionaries and added several terms to our particular covid-19 dictionary. We continue to work so the list will be extended and at the top the latest updates will appear. We have mainly updated dictionary entries in Basque and Spanish, but most of them already have consideration in French and English. Click on each word and you will directly access the web of Elhuyar dictionaries.

Updated at 30.06.20

Updated at 18-6-20

Updated at 11-6-20

Updated 02/06/20

Updated at 26-05-20

Updated at 19-5-20

Updated at 13-5-20

Updated 05/06/20

Updated to 30.04.20

Updated at 21-4-20