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Institutions and companies


Gender equality in institutions and companies

In the institutions where equality is not guaranteed, women suffer discrimination with the loss of talent that this entails. So promoting equality in the area of the institutions has two consequences: an improvement in the working conditions and professional opportunities of women, and an increase in the potential of the institutions.

Our task is to analyse the situation of equality in the institution (by making diagnoses), to visualise where the situations of discrimination could arise, and to propose suites of measures to tackle the problems (equality schemes).

We also offer other kinds of initiatives that may be useful in these processes:

  • Awareness-building sessions
  • Training
  • Specific work on certain subjects (compatibility and responsibility, choice, communication, sexual harassment, etc.)

In addition, we offer our clients information about grants as well as assistance in handling processes of this type. We also assist in the processes to obtain the designation of Organisation Collaborating in Equal Opportunities between Men and Women and which is granted by Emakunde, the Basque Institute for Women.

We are an organisation approved by Emakunde to provide an advisory service in this area.

Clients: Companies, associations and institutions.