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Scientific Outreach and Education

Elhuyar | Zerbitzuak

In order to extend scientific outreach both in society and in the educational environment, we work in three areas: dissemination of scientific culture, creation of initiatives to develop the scientific-technological skills and skills of young people and offer good quality communication services, adapted to the needs of customers.

In our work to promote scientific culture, we make known the advances of science and technology through different projects. We give special relevance to the dissemination of the work and opinion of researchers in the Basque Country.

In the educational field, we work both in the regulated educational system and in leisure. We bring local researchers closer to young people and offer them the opportunity to work on STEAM projects.

We offer communication services specialized in science and technology, through a working group composed of scientists, journalists and linguists; but we also offer communication services for other areas, since we are content specialists and work on all types of media.

  • Scientific culture

    We work to foster scientific culture. In the face of technoscientific decisions, we promote social responsibility to help build a critical society, with its own and egalitarian criteria. In order to reach the maximum possible number of recipients, we develop very diverse projects and give special…
  • STEAM Education

    We create initiatives to develop the skills of scientific and technological education of young people and the skills necessary for the 21st century, always from an inclusive and experience-based perspective.

  • Communication services

    We offer specialized communication services, adapted to customer needs. Although we are specialized in science and technology, we work comfortably in all areas. We have a team of scientists, journalists and linguists. We specialize in content and specialists also in communication in all types of…

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