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Language services and Basque plans

Elhuyar | Zerbitzuak

Elhuyar offers comprehensive multilingual language services covering multiple fields, using cutting-edge language technologies and methodologies.

We provide language services for both private companies and public organizations: for example, the creation of specialized terminology dictionaries and corpus dictionaries and a translation and proofreading service. We also offer specialized training, both general and personalized, such as language training for staff and translators of public and private institutions.

On the other hand, we also offer advice and technical support to public and private entities for the activation of the use of Basque: diagnostics, designs and assessments of the situation of the language in the organization; specific services and spaces for local reflection; sociolinguistic training; processes of linguistic empowerment; etc.

  • Use of Basque and planning

    We offer advice and technical support to advance the use of Basque both individually and in groups, in organizations and companies. For the development of all these processes, our pillars are the following:
  • Translations and language resources

    We have been offering translation and proofreading services to our clients for many years and are experts in the translation and proofreading of scientific, technical, administrative and legal texts, advertising text and communication campaigns, web locations and software...

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