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Listado de noticias de ciencia 2022

Top scientific news from 2022

2022 | December 26
  • Elhuyar has compiled a list with the most relevant news of the year in the field of science and technology.
  • The list consists of 10 news items, both international and our environment.

The year 2022 has been prosperous for science, and has allowed us to gather and produce many news. Throughout the year, the media in the field of science in Elhuyar disseminated this news, and now they have compiled a list of the most significant, with a view both international and close.

Here are the top 10 news items:

  1. The deepest photographs of the universe. Presentation of the first images and data of the James Webb telescope: the deepest photographs ever taken from the universe and the most accurate spectroscopic data of an exoplanet.
    Elhuyar Magazine: news + images and data
  2. Advances in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has made significant progress in many areas. In Basque, Orai has developed various products in the service of the Basque language. In addition, it has created a novel technique to correct gender bias in machine translation.
    Norteko Ferrokarrilla Programme: advances in the field of artificial intelligence
    Teknopolis television programme: Products developed by Orai
    Revista Elhuyar: gender bias in machine translation
  3. Degrowth. More and more scientists see degrowth as the solution to the current crisis. The issue has become a major part of society this year.
    Elhuyar Magazine: news
  4. The Hand of Irulegi. The Irulegi site has provided an impressive archaeological finding, finding a bronze hand of 2,100 years ago in a village of Basques. It is the oldest text known in Vasconic language.
    Ekosfera radio programme: news
  5. COVID-19 permanent. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unexpected consequences, including a new disease, called long COVID-19 or permanent COVID-19.
    Revista Elhuyar: news
    Teknopolis TV Program: news
  6. Black death and lactose tolerance. The black death transformed our immune system, and the genes that protected us from the epidemic have made us more vulnerable to autoimmune diseases. In addition to epidemics, famines contributed to lactose tolerance in Europe.
    Elhuyar Magazine: Black death + lactose tolerance
  7. A bacterium visible to the naked eye. In mangroves in the Caribbean, the largest bacterium ever known has been identified. It's about a centimeter long, so it's perceived in plain sight. It's 50 times greater than all other known giant bacteria, and in some ways, it's questioned some aspects that were considered specific to bacteria.
    Elhuyar Magazine: news
  8. They manage to isolate a 2 million year genome. The oldest known DNA so far was a million years old. It was extracted from a bone from a Siberian mammoth. It has now been possible to go two million years ago with the DNA extracted from some sediments from Greenland.
    Elhuyar Magazine: news
  9. The latest Neanderthals in Aranbaltza. In the Aranbaltza site, the most important outdoor site on the Cantabrian side, the keys have been found to clarify the disappearance of the Neanderthals.
    Teknopolis Television Programme: news Elhuyar
    Magazine: news
  10. The DART mission manages to deflect an asteroid from its orbit. Based on the analysis of the data obtained during the two weeks following the shock of the DART probe, the mission has met its objective of modifying the orbit of the asteroid Dimorphos due to the impact. So, NASA has shown that humanity has a technology for intentional deviation from an asteroid, which gives us more security than dangerous asteroids.
    Elhuyar Magazine: news