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Asteburu honetan hasiko da TEKNOPOLISen denboraldi berria

This weekend begins the new TEKNOPOLIS season

2021 | September 22
  • The science and technology programme comes full of new developments
  • Saturday at ETB1 and Sunday at ETB2, at 13:30

This morning the new season of the Teknopolis programme, dedicated to science and technology, has been presented. In fact, it will start this weekend; ETB1 will issue it on Saturday at 15:00 (after Gaur Egun ends) and Sunday will be the turn of ETB2, where you can see it at 13:30. From the following week, Teknopolis will return to its usual schedule: Saturdays at 13:30 in ETB1 and Sundays at the same time in ETB2.

The programme is once again ready to satisfy the public's curiosity. It aims to offer 30 minutes of interesting information weekly, and if it also manages to infect the joy that is always experienced when learning something new, better than better! The presenter will be Iñaki Leturia Yurrita again, and the address will be run by Nagore Rementeria Argote and Leturia himself.

Leturia commented at the press conference that recent months have been conditioned by the coronavirus pandemic. It has been a huge challenge for Teknopolis to try to explain to the public the details of the health crisis, a challenge that the program has far outstripped. Henceforth, the issue of coronavirus will continue, of course, but they have many others in their hands, “which demonstrates that science, research and innovation have not stopped, nor has the need to report on them ceased.”

Among the characteristics of Teknopolis, Leturia has highlighted rigor, precision and closeness; not in vain, 24 seasons have provided professionals with a great experience to share scientific topics in an interesting and entertaining way.

At the press conference they have unveiled some of the issues they are now working on, including the detailed study of cliffs using drones, the difficult balance between healthy and sustainable food, spiders, fluctuations in the price of electricity or the microchips crisis.
The presentation took place at the University of Mondragon, in the facilities of the GARAIA technology park. Amaia Esquisabel Alegre, Research Director of the Basque Government, has highlighted the functions of science, technology, education and research: “Teknopolis is a reference in the dissemination and dissemination of science and technology. Today, no one questions the need for science and technology to respond to the social, economic and environmental challenges of humanity.

Teknopolis is an open window to science that develops in the Basque Country and worldwide, and every weekend it brings us closer and helps us understand the latest scientific and technological advances.”

Gorka García Peral, director of Programs and Art at ETB, has greatly appreciated the great effort made during the pandemic to report the coronavirus rigorously and closely: "The programme has shown its value and function more clearly, always putting the interest of society at the centre." It has also stressed that the ETB programme largely fulfils the objective of bringing the vanguard and technology closer to the general public: "The key is in the chosen themes, in the selected people, both experts and interviewees, and in the language used," he said.

On the other hand, Jon Abril Olaetxea, general coordinator of Elhuyar, has stated that Teknopolis is the speaker of the scientific community: “Another year, Teknopolis brings us closer to innovation, technology and scientific information in the Basque Country and worldwide. And we want to be more than ever the speaker of this scientific community: to publicize its activity in a informative way, to highlight its importance, to deepen an ethical and critical view and to highlight the need to influence scientific policies.”

Finally, April highlighted the long-standing collaboration between Elhuyar and EITB Media, and thanked all the sponsors of the new Teknopolis edition for their collaboration and support: Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment and Department of Education of the Basque Government, University of the Basque Country, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Public University of Navarra, TKNIKA, Centre for Applied Research and Innovation of Vocational Training, Basque Energy Institute, Basque Research & Technology Alliance (BRTA)