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Text in 6 languages

2023 | July 19
  • Elhuyar now offers the possibility of using automatic voices in 6 languages: Basque, Spanish, French, English, Catalan and Galician.
  • We have inserted a text box on the website, which allows you to convert any content into a voice: type the text into that box, choose the language, and listen to the content.

Six months after the creation of automated voices (TTS) based on neural networks, Elhuyar presents two significant innovations. Firstly, the conversion of text to speech in 6 languages, and secondly, the possibility of listening to any content using the text box.

The Elhuyar speech synthesis system can therefore be used in 6 languages: Basque, Spanish, French, English, Catalan and Galician. Thus, users will have more options to convert both single and full texts into voice.

The second novelty is the text box on the web, which allows you to hear any content with the voice you want. Once you access the website, press the Test the TTS button, and the text box will be displayed. It's very easy to use: write the text, select the language and voice, and you'll get the audio from the text right away. You can also upload a document directly to the platform and you will receive it later converted into a voice.

Although TTS voices seem real, they have been created through technology based on neural networks; that is, they are systems created from specific recordings of voices using artificial intelligence based techniques. Elhuyar, in addition to making its TTS voices available to the user, also offers the possibility of creating custom voices.

As for their integration, Elhuyar’s TTS voices can be incorporated into any application through the REST API available to customers.

Technology developed by Orai

These text-to-speech technologies have been created by the Orai artificial intelligence center, and this new service shows the progress in research in the field of voice synthesis. Orai also addresses other lines of research, including: speech synthesis without gender marks, emotional speech synthesis and voice imitation systems from small samples. Orai is a specialized center in the NLP (Natural Language Processing) area, offering high-level research and smart technology solutions to companies and institutions.