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Teknopolis saioaren aurkezpena

TEKNOPOLIS Season 26 begins this weekend

2023 | September 15
  • The 26th season of the science and technology program is ready to awaken curiosity and show us places that hardly anyone has ever come to before.
  • It will be broadcast on Saturdays at ETB1 at 13:30 and on Sundays at ETB2 at 12:00.


This morning, the UPV/EHU Bizkaia Aretoa Building’s Baroja Hall of the UPV/EHU was presented at the 26th season of the Teknopolis programme, which deals with science, technology and innovation. The presentation was attended by Amaia Esquisabel Alegría, Research Director of the Basque Government, Gorka García Peral, Programme and Artistic Director of ETB, Jon Abril Olaetxea, general coordinator of Elhuyar, as well as representatives of the sponsoring entities. The new season starts this weekend and will be broadcast on the following schedule: Saturday at 13:30 in ETB1 and Sunday at 12:15 in ETB2.

The 26th season will begin with the most media discovery of recent years: the hand of Irulegi. The space will provide the keys to understand the importance of discovery: the context, the experiences of the protagonists… Many shared emotions. That is why Teknopolis always proposes a close and rigorous approach to science issues.

The programme has an experience of almost a quarter of a century, and its maturity has led it to the conscious consideration of the issues: it has long incorporated the gender perspective, as well as the linguistic perspective, of course, and in recent seasons Teknopolis has also taken social responsibility for the climate emergency. Elhuyar has set up a decalogue for dealing with environmental and climate emergency issues, a decalogue to which Teknopolis has also joined. Regardless of the issue, whether direct or indirect, its relationship with the climate emergency, Teknopolis is committed to acting responsibly.

In this new season, which will begin on 23 September, the programme will come back to places where almost nobody has arrived before and will offer interesting contents: we will know the Pyrenean triton, which lives in the streams of Goizueta; we will see the deposit of Atapuerca closely; it will show the secrets of the most modern automatic deposits; it will reveal a huge scientific expedition that will reach the Basque coast; it will immerse itself in the contradiction. Thus, week by week, Teknopolis will offer viewers 30 minutes dedicated to awakening and satisfying curiosity.

The presenter will be Iñaki Leturia Yurrita again, and the direction will be given by Nagore Rementeria Argote and Leturia himself.

The Teknopolis programme, science, technology and innovation, is produced by Elhuyar. Elhuyar and the Teknopolis programme are two of the largest references of science and technology in the Basque Country. Since its inception, Elhuyar has had as its main objective the structuring of a community, and the Teknopolis program also participates in this objective. In addition to being a showcase for the science that is being done in the Basque Country, the programme works to educate citizens and to form a critical vision. But this work is not exclusive to Elhuyar, but is supported by a whole community: sponsors, researchers, disseminators and citizens who consume scientific content.

It is also essential to highlight the already long cooperation between Elhuyar and EITB Media, as well as the assistance provided by all the sponsoring and collaborating entities: Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment and Department of Education of the Basque Government, University of the Basque Country, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, TKNIKA Centre for Applied Research and Innovation in Vocational Training and BRTA, the Basque Alliance for R & D.