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ORAI aurkezpena

Born Orai to help industry and businesses become more competitive through artificial intelligence

2022 | May 24
  • Orai is a new specialized research initiative in natural language processing (NLP) and smart technology solutions.
  • Orai will offer world-class intelligent research and technology solutions to companies and institutions.
  • The new brand promoted by Elhuyar has 20 years of experience, a qualified team and a network of partners as support.

Elhuyar today presented his new artificial intelligence initiative at the Kursaal in San Sebastian: Orai NLP Teknologiak. Jon Abril Olaetxea, general coordinator of Elhuyar, and Josu Aztiria Urtaran, coordinator of Orai NLP Teknologiak, have explained the project to 60 guests and journalists. Along with them, representatives of ULMA Construction, Elhuyar, GNOSS and Tecnalia have participated, who have explained the benefits of artificial intelligence and natural language processing in their field.

Orai is a new specialized research initiative in natural language processing (NLP) and smart technology solutions. It will provide world-class intelligent research and technology solutions to businesses and institutions, help improve the competitiveness of the industrial fabric, the efficiency of administrations and people's lives. In fact, NLP technology, natural language processing, facilitates communication, through voice and text, to improve the activity of companies and institutions and people's lives. It will also produce intelligent and ethical technology tools in collaboration with universities, research centres and businesses.

Elhuyar has promoted the new brand in the context of its 50th anniversary. Elhuyar has pioneered the introduction of the Basque language technology and artificial intelligence. The fact is that today's society faces major challenges in the field of digitisation. And the need to respond to these challenges, the maturity and development of artificial intelligence projects, as well as the experience and trajectory of 20 years, allow the leap from the Basque language to other areas and languages. The vocation to look 50 years later, along with the passion and creativity of a team, have contributed to the creation of Orai NLP Teknologiak, to help make industry and businesses more competitive.

Guarantee of 20 years of experience

Orai NLP Teknologiak, although novel, has as its background a 20-year experience and several success stories supporting it. Proof of this is that during all these years the members of the group have published more than 100 articles in different scientific journals and have pioneered research on the processing of natural language in the Basque Country. It should also be noted that there are 7 doctors and doctors in the team.
Many well-known solutions and products have been developed by the Orai NLP Teknologiak team as a result of its investigation. The best known are the automatic neural translator Elia and the Aditu speech recognizer, not to mention the intelligent speaker in Basque and the products and tools developed with European support in the Linguatec project for minority languages. The team will continue to research, develop and improve all these products and solutions, to help companies, institutions and society continue to progress.