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Security is very important when making purchases over the Internet. That is why the purchases made through our website comply with all the security procedures:

Your details are sent in a secure way

When you complete the form with your payment details, your details are transmitted by your server to ours. To guarantee that they are transmitted securely, we use the SSL protocol. This Protocol ensures that the details are sent safely in a number of steps.

First of all, your browser encrypts your details, so if anyone appropriates these details, they will not be able to “understand” them, because they do not have the key required for de-encrypting them. When you make a purchase, the padlock that appears in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser indicates that your browser is safe.

We have the security certificate

After your details have been encrypted, they are transmitted by your browser from your server to ours. In order to make sure that our server is also secure, we have the certificate issued by the User Trust Network authority. This authority issues the certificate after verifying the correct configuration of the encryption process and the data of the organisation (Elhuyar in this case). This guarantees that the data are received by the party that is supposed to receive them.

When making a purchase, the https address that will appear in the browser’s address sphere indicates that our server is complying with the SSL protocol.

Payment is secure

Your encrypted purchasing details reach the bank that handles the payment, and there they are de-encrypted in order to make the payment.