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Translation technology


Translation technology

Research and development in language technologies is a strategic field in the sphere of translation, and at Elhuyar we are committed to carrying out research into them and creating resources on the basis of them. So we have come up with a range of tools that are useful for translation processes: Itzulpenflow, Opentrad, the Bologna Translation Service and the incorporation of machine translation into TAO tools. For example, we have integrated Opentrad into SDL and Wordfast.

We have also developed technologies to automatically produce glossaries designed to facilitate the translation process; we have also created an app to conceal the organisations named in translation memories, and we also have tools to facilitate the maintenance of these memories.


This is a tool designed to help translation companies and freelance professionals: it helps to manage all the work flows that are created, starting with the commissioning of the translation right up to its final delivery. It requires no installing as it is an SaaS (Software as a Service) tool. It allows the whole translation process to be managed over a browser.


Elhuyar offers the Opentrad machine translator developed in collaboration with other institutions. It is set up to translate directly free text, complete documents and web sites. It can be incorporated into the production flow, and offers quality translation in the following pairs:

  • Spanish-Catalan / Catalan-Spanish
  • Spanish-Galician / Galician-Spanish
  • Spanish-Portuguese / Portuguese-Spanish (PT, BR)
  • Spanish-French / French-Spanish

Bologna Translation Service

Elhuyar has created the “Bologna Translation Service” web platform to manage translation within a European project developed in collaboration with Crosslang and Convertus. It is a platform geared towards non-professional translators. Specifically, it is a service offered to institutions in the sphere of education, universities and companies and institutions operating on the education market. It uses a machine translation system created specifically for academia and which is capable of automatically translating texts, documents and websites. What is more, the platform also offers the option of checking the translations at one's leisure. The corrections made are stored in the system and taken into account in subsequent translations.

With the help of the platform, it is possible to translate texts in the following languages into English: Spanish, Turkish, Finnish, French, Dutch, German, Swedish and Portuguese.

Wordfast and CAT tools

We offer the following services to address the needs of translation professionals:

  • Creation of translation memories.
  • Services for organising and building translation memories created by means of Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools.
  • Automatic creation of glossaries using translation memories.
  • Training in the Wordfast program.
  • Wordfast configuration and installation.
  • Handling telephone calls.
  • Technical advice on CAT tools