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Language management

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Language management

Elhuyar offers companies and institutions services to manage multilingualism, in addition to a service for managing Basque. And as an added extra, we have created an app for each one of them.

Hizkuna app

This is a technological tool to facilitate the language management of organisations that carry out their work on the global market. We offer the user resources that are just one click away and intended for working in a multilingual environment: machine translation, voice synthesis, dictionary consultation, etc.

What is more, translation requests can be managed from the same app and the Hizkuna platform allows the language competences of the institutions to be measured in a very straightforward way. For example, it helps to pinpoint training needs and to plan the steps in professional development.


This is a tool to help people who have to write in Basque, and it includes some very useful language resources geared towards work. It is designed for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, the public administrations and also for freelance professionals to help them solve any doubts that may arise. It is easy to use and the resources are close to hand.

Featuring among the help it offers are dictionaries, tables for practising declensions, the option of sending queries to an expert to sort out any language doubts, and the possibility of making consultations when translating, among other things.