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Language resources


Language resources

Thanks to the technologies we have developed, the knowledge we have internalised and the experience we have built up, we are capable of making the most of the language resources of institutions. Not only do we have experience in language resources, but also in managing these resources and content in the fields of education, science and technology.

The language resources of institutions (translation memories, glossaries, documents, etc.) are a veritable treasure trove, and we will help you adapt them to various mediums so that you can make them available to clients, members of staff or the general public. Clear examples of this are firstly, consultation and web applications, and secondly, the solutions we offer to adapt the content to new platforms and media.

Consultation apps and web apps

Creating web apps to consult language content and resources is a very effective way of making them publicly available. Web apps offer exceptional opportunities to consume and consult content, and even more so if they come provided with language technologies.

We have broad experience in this field; firstly, we have created web apps that allow Elhuyar’s language resources to be consulted, and secondly, we have implemented customised web apps so that they can be adapted to the needs of specific clients and institutions.


This is an app that automatically detects the names of organisations that one may wish to delete from texts in order to avoid having to do it manually. The system detects many names of organisations and then lets the user check them very easily by means of an interface.

Entigarbi is good solution, for example, to delete the names of organisations when we want to make the translation memories of the administrations public, since there could be sensitive information in the documents that have been translated.

Solutions adapted to the new media and new platforms

The ways of consuming content are constantly changing and have increased considerably. So it is very important for the language content of each one of us to be stored in the new media and on the new platforms in order to be able to reach as broad a public as possible.