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Promoting Basque in city/town councils and municipalities

Euskararen sustapena

Promoting Basque in city/town councils and municipalities

One of the functions of city/town councils and municipalities is to implement schemes to increase the knowledge, presence and use of Basque. In this respect, city/town councils run various initiatives and projects in city/town halls and cities/towns. We offer technical assistance to develop these projects and initiatives:

  • Diagnosis, design and development of the scheme for Basque use in town/city councils
  • The conducting of a communicative study of the administrative units of the city/town council to work on the management plans
  • Diagnosis and design, together with the citizens, of the Plan of Action to Promote Basque (ESEP)
  • Sectoral schemes to encourage Basque: the sphere of sports, transmission (parents, young people, new arrivals, etc.), the workplace and commerce, leisure, projects enabling the promoters of Basque to work within a network
  • Projects to influence the target groups (parents, young people, sports instructors, 6th form students, etc.)

Clients: City/town councils and municipal associations.