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Managing multilingualism


Managing multilingualism in institutions and companies

Companies have to work in various languages on a day-to-day basis, for example when managing the information in their work processes, when designing work procedures or orders, in their relations with customers and suppliers, in interpersonal relationships, in computing infrastructure, etc.

If communication is not effective, it will be difficult to make our working team satisfied and therefore make the company competitive and efficient. That is why we are offering our customers technological advice on language management by adapting ourselves to the reality and capabilities of each organisation.

We work in three areas:

  • Taking the vision of multilingualism as the basis, we pinpoint the key aspects in the communication situation of the company and analyse the way languages are handled.
  • Managing multilingualism, we specify the framework to manage languages and the general language policy, and we specify the planning of the application.
  • Identifying the difficulties and needs for meeting the objectives, we specify the options to address these difficulties and needs, bearing in mind the tools and resources made available by multilingualism management technology.

At the end of the process, the organisation will have a language diagnosis, a language policy and a language management plan, plus a proposal of appropriate technological solutions.

Geared towards: companies and institutions that are in the process of becoming internationalised or are already internationalised.

Useful technology: Hizkuna technological application