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Euskararen erabileran eragiteko ekimen zehatzak

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Specific initiatives designed to promote Basque use

Companies and public institutions are facing the challenge to motivate and build awareness in order to increase Basque use. And it is a fact that, without abandoning expectations on increasing knowledge, use is one of the most important aspects.

We offer some services in this area:

  • Bostekoak: an initiative to achieve more active, conscious use of Basque in natural groups. By bringing together Basque-speaking and non-Basque-speaking colleagues who share the same workplace, and taking as a reference the experiences they have had with Basque, it is about reflecting on language attitudes and habits in order to change today's language reality. There may be many kinds of areas of influence: workplace, parents, young people, members of sports clubs, etc.
  • Other awareness-building initiatives: awareness-building seminars based on language ecology, specialised initiatives for specific target groups, etc.

Clients: City/town councils, municipal associations and companies.