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Dictionaries and terminology management


Dictionaries and terminology management

Right from the start, Elhuyar began to forge a successful path in dictionary compilation. We have various lexicographical products (dictionaries) on the market and, what is more, we offer companies and institutions terminology and lexicography services.

Terminology management in companies

Today, companies produce a considerable quantity of documents and publications, usually in a range of languages. To achieve efficient communication, terminology use in these documents needs to be consistent and precise. Therefore, the need for normalised, homogeneous terminology is a core aspect not only in the business world but also in the field of science and technology. That is why Elhuyar develops terminology management tools tailored to the needs of each company, and for this purpose it makes use of language technologies.

Specialised dictionaries and corpora

Companies and organisations belonging to areas of expertise often need specialised lexicography and terminology services, and Elhuyar is an expert in creating specialised dictionaries and corpora. Our aim is to make our knowledge available to society, and that is why we offer terminology services and dictionaries adapted to the needs of each company. Both the terminology dictionaries and the customised specialised corpora are important tools so that companies and organisations can use a common terminology and thus improve their communication.

Customers: Private industrial or services companies, business associations, co-operatives, associations of co-operatives, banks, ICT companies, companies belonging to the science and technology network, research centres, "Berritzeguneak” (Innovation Centres for Teachers), etc.

Supporting technology: Corpus resources, Elhuyar’s lexicographical database (ElhDB), terminology dictionaries designed by Elhuyar, multilingual onomastic databases.

Contact: Klara Ceberio