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Basque schemes in companies


Basque schemes in companies

Basque schemes are planned procedures to boost the use and presence of Basque and are adapted to the characteristics and needs of each company. The main aims are as follows: to encourage the institution to build awareness about the management of Basque, to set up a framework to steer the scheme, and to regulate the use and presence of the language.

Besides producing the diagnosis and the design of the situation of Basque, we also work in other spheres:

  • The development, monitoring and assessment of the Basque scheme
  • Advice for determining the criteria and rules on the use of Basque, and special measures to examine their degree of fulfilment
  • Advice for obtaining the Basque certificates (the Bai Euskarari and Bikain certificates)
  • Advice on applying for grants
  • Integral initiatives on awareness-building and motivation: initiatives to influence language attitudes and awareness-building seminars based on language ecology designed to influence bi-personal relations
  • System for measuring the indicators of the Basque scheme and for monitoring it: the tool
  • Language training schemes

Clients: companies and institutions

Useful technology: Neurtzeko is a tool developed by Elhuyar to manage the aims and indicators of Basque schemes and to systematise the monitoring of them and measurements. It is based on the Standard Framework for Basque (EME).