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Councils and municipalities


Gender equality in city/town councils and municipalities

Law 4/2005 and the 4th Plan for Gender Equality promote the introduction of policies on equality and strategic resources within the administration. City/Town Councils, insofar as they are the administrative level closest to the citizens, need to work in favour of equality policies. These have two main components:

  • It is necessary to implement policies whereby citizens, men and women, live in an environment of equality by using, if necessary, positive action.
  • To develop equality policies as well as guarantee that in the city/town councils themselves equality is promoted, resources need to be earmarked to develop equality policies and competences.

Bearing these aims in mind, we help city/town councils on an institutional as well as municipal level to identify what their strong and weak points are as far as equality is concerned (equality diagnoses), to identify the aims that need to be achieved in the medium term, and to determine what actions need to be implemented (equality plans).

We also offer other kinds of initiatives that may be useful in these processes:

  • Awareness-building sessions
  • Training
  • Work on specific subjects


Clients: City/Town Councils