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Institutions and companies


Participation in institutions and companies

In any organisation (public institutions, private companies, social movements, etc.) it is both beneficial and important for its members to participate, to get involved in the work and to become committed to it, since in so far as they do so, they will feel they belong. But that participation does not emerge spontaneously; it has to be worked on. What is more, it is necessary to anticipate where, in what and how these members can participate; what rights and obligations they have; what they can offer and what is going to be required of them.

Various aspects can be worked on by means of participation:

  • Who takes the decisions and where this is done
  • What information needs to be available to everyone (transparency)
  • Customary functioning and coordination, collaboration and responsibilities, etc.
  • At the same time, the process can be used to bring the human team together and strengthen it so that by working together the group will be even more consolidated.

To work on all this, we design specific participation processes in the organisations and adapt them to their needs and aims.

Geared towards: institutions, companies, social organisations