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Dictionaries and corpora

Elhuyar has been very productive in the sphere of dictionaries. We have various products on the market and, what is more, we offer companies and organisations lexicography and terminology services.Consistent with Elhuyar’s work for the benefit of society, the dictionaries we have on the market can be consulted free of charge over the Internet.

Elhuyar dictionaries

  • Basque-Spanish-Basque Dictionary
  • Basque-English-Basque Dictionary
  • Basque-French-Basque Dictionary

All these dictionaries can be consulted at is more, we’ve created an Elhuyar Hiztegiak (dictionaries) app for tablets and smartphones. You can download it from our APP corner.


Elhuyar’s Language and Technology Unit has developed CorpEus by treating the Internet as a giant corpus. So as a way of complementing the dictionary function, words can be put into their context exactly as they have been used.

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Science & Technology

Elhuyar specialises in translations in the field of science and technology and carries out language work in these fields. The Elhuyar Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Science and Technology is the result of the language work built up in these fields. It can be consulted free of charge at


Science & Technology Corpus

Elhuyar has added the science & technology corpus to the science & technology dictionary; this corpus can also be consulted free of charge over the Internet. So this tool can put the words into their context exactly as they have been used.

Automatic dictionaries

This portal brings together various dictionaries created through the pivoting technique and connects Basque with languages that have large numbers of speakers: German, Hindi, Chinese, Swahili and Arabic.

Web corpora portal

The web corpora of Basque can be consulted via this portal.  The corpora have been created automatically from the Internet using tools developed by our group. Right now, we have two corpora that can be consulted in the corresponding portal section.

Lexis Observatory

The Lexis Observatory corpus is a tool created for Basque with the collaboration of the Euskaltzaindia (Royal Academy of the Basque Language). This project aims to build a corpus monitor with the material published or broadcast by the mass media, in other words, to automatically feed, lemmatize and tag a corpus that allows the use of the language to be closely monitored.

Eroski Consumer Corpus

This corpus enables searches for words or expressions to be run within the content of the CONSUMER EROSKI magazine, and their equivalents in Basque, Spanish, Galician or Catalan to be returned.