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Terminology extraction tools


Through the Itzulterm web service, bilingual lexis can easily be extracted from translation memories and that way they can be put to maximum use.

The three-phase process:

  • Automatic extraction: using statistical and language techniques, ItzulTerm automatically extracts pairs of terms.
  • Manual work: ItzulTerm offers the option of working on its proposals: they can be  accepted or rejected, and there are advanced options to edit the results, etc.
  • Exportation: it enables pairs of terms that are regarded as valid ones to be downloaded so that we can create our own bilingual dictionary.

Itzulterm is involved in all Elhuyar’s dictionary projects or terminology processes and has been a key element in improving the efficiency of dictionary compilation processes.

What is more, terminology can be extracted from monolingual texts using the Erauzterm tool. This option has been used in various initiatives and projects, like: