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Zientzia Live!

Right from the start, education has been one of Elhuyar’s core areas of activity. We develop projects geared towards education in all the areas of our field and targeting different kinds of public:

Language training

Methods designed for those who approach Basque for the first time without any previous knowledge:

Training for professionals:

  • Technical Basque and Basque in the workplace
  • Language training (Basque and Spanish) geared towards professionals (text correction)
  • Training for using computers in Basque
  • WordFast Academy: online Wordfast course
  • Postgraduate course in Translation and Technology (in collaboration with the EHU/UPV-University of the Basque Country and the UEU-Summer Basque University)

Science education and science popularisation teaching

In the field of science we offer formal and informal training by means of lectures, courses and direct action: