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Managing information and knowledge

Nowadays we have at our disposal constantly expanding information storage systems, like the huge collections of texts, libraries and, above all, the Internet. But as users it is specific information that we seek. That is why tools that can identify and extract information from these storage systems are indispensable.

In Information Retrieval (IR) research is being carried out on technology for extracting documents, parts of text, or metadata that describe a document. The aim of Information Extraction (IE), on the other hand, is to obtain structured or semi-structured information like, for example, names of diseases and their corresponding medications, facts and people linked to these facts, etc.

One aspect of increasing importance with respect to retrieval processes is multilingualism. This means that the information sought can be found in texts written in several languages. CLIR (Cross-lingual Information Retrieval) is the area that aims to develop systems for extracting the information requested on the basis of a single query.