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Elhuyar in Europe

Elhuyar Europan

Within the framework of the Europe2020 strategy, Elhuyar collaborates with the main international players in various innovation projects. In all our fields of work, Europe is the main channel for innovation and so we make use of our alliances and networks in order to develop innovation projects by actively participating in the European calls.

The main projects Elhuyar has developed in Europe are detailed below:

Elhuyar Hizkuntza eta Teknologia

1. European Network of eLexicography (2013-2017): The aim of the European Network of Electronic Lexicography is to promote, coordinate and standardise the projects being run in the sphere of electronic lexicography in Europe and to offer authorised information in the various languages of Europe. Call COST 2013.

2. Bologna Translation Service (2010 – 2013): The Bologna Translation Service will set up a machine translation service geared towards university level specialisations. 4th ICT-PSP call. Grant  270915.

3. Moblang Elhuyar (2009 – 2011): This project uses MALL (Mobile Assisted Language Learning) to help the less widely used and lesser taught languages in Europe (LWULT). Call 505664-2009-LLP-CY-KA2-KA2MP.

Elhuyar Zientzia

1. Stimula (2011 – 2013): The main aim of this project is to encourage an interest in science and technology among European students (between 12 and 18). Elhuyar is coordinating this project. Call 518103-LLP-1-2011-1-ES-COMENIUS-CMP.

2. Scicamp (2012 – 2015): The aims of this project are: to set up a network of science camps, to unite the organising bodies of these camps and thus strengthen the European network, and to inform about good practices and research relating to the development of scientific camps. Call 527525-LLP-2012-DE-COMENIUS-CNW.

Elhuyar Aholkularitza

1. EPIC (2013 – 2015): The EPIC (Enhancing and Promoting International Business Communication) project helps SMEs to improve their international competitiveness. The EPIC project helps companies to overcome the language and cultural barriers existing on the international market. Call LLP-Leonardo Da Vinci. 

2. Fostering the emancipatory dimension of adult literacy procedures in Europe Elhuyar Consulting (2005 – 2006): To share the methodological activities  and procedures among the members actively participating in adult education, and to conduct a critical assessment of them to encourage autonomy and emancipation in the sphere of adult literacy. Call LLP - Grundtvig.