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Driving forward social innovation

Gizarte berrikuntza

What is the link between Elhuyar and Social Innovation?

Elhuyar Aholkularitza promotes social welfare in all its projects. The enterprise carries out projects that benefit society by: boosting the use of the Basque language and the coexistence of different languages; putting community life and political culture at the service of public policy; promoting new models of governance; encouraging social stakeholders to become active agents; setting working methods based on diversity and social consensus; strengthening the identity of regions and cities; encouraging debate and reflection. 

Elhuyar Aholkularitza aims to promote social innovation to strengthen commitment to and by the people to boost participative management by offering a reference model to companies and institutions.

To provide new solutions to cope with the new challenges that arise in the social sphere, by involving local communities.  Social Innovation aims to coordinate and empower stakeholders (companies, social and educational entities, public institutions) of a community and bring them together to work towards common and more human horizons.

Visit the Social Innovation website of Elhuyar Aholkularitza