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What do we do?

In the Science unit, we work to offer resources and services for introducing science and technology into society and for awakening curiosity about them. Basque is our main language of work.

The Unit’s main aim is to bring science closer to all publics and in all formats. We gear our projects and services to the following types of public:

  • General public
  • Children and youngsters
  • Researchers and journalists
  • Social players

And we work in the following media:

  • Written press: Elhuyar magazine
  • Television: Teknopolis series of the ETB (Public TV broadcaster of the Basque Autonomous Community).
  • Radio: Norteko Ferrokarrillaradio series on Euskadi Irratia (Public Radio broadcaster of the Basque Autonomous Community)
  • Internet: Basque Research,, Zernola, Elhuyar Olinpiada, Teknoskopioa…


The Science Unit is currently made up of 21 people.Our team mostly comprises professionals who have degrees in either science or journalism and who have experience spanning many years in the popularising of science and technology. Apart from science popularisers, project managers also work with us.

In addition to the working team, we have a permanent network of collaborators to assist us in the quality of our products and services and in the diversity of knowledge and criteria.

Head of the Science unit: Maria Gil Rodriguez

Awards and recognition

  • 2013: Tecnalia Internet Award to the Elhuyar member Guillermo Roa, for his article published in the Elhuyar magazine and entitled ‘Itxaropen bioartifiziala’ (Bioartificial hope).
  • 2011: Teknopolis was awarded first prize in the Asebio/Genoma España awards for the communication and popularisation of Biotechnology.
  • 2009: Teknopolis won the Johnson & Johnson popular science TV Award prize for best European TV programme on science popularisation, in the Euroscience Media Awards.
  • 2006: El Correo Digital award to for best leisure and services website.
  • 2006: Teknopolis was the runner-up in the 3rd Tecnalia Award for Journalism.
  • 2006: Teknopolis received the Award for Innovation from the Charter Provincial Council of Bizkaia.
  • 2005 and 2006 Rikardo Arregi Award for Journalism:The dossier ‘Erraustegiak sutan’ (Incinerators on Fire) published in the Elhuyar Zientzia eta Teknika magazine,and the Elhuyar team of journalists received a special mention.
  • 2002: The Robotiker award went to Teknopolis.
  • 2002: The Argia Internet award went to
  • 1994: The Argia Press Award went to the Elhuyar Zientzia eta Teknika magazine.