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An Elhuyar member, what for?

Elhuyar is a private, not-for-profit organisation and has been working to build the Basque society since 1972. Its aim is as follows: “to build an active, critical, egalitarian society from the starting point of the Basque language, by using technology and knowledge and spreading science. So the members of the Foundation concur with this aim.” We seek to support and implement projects in line with our aim so that they can exert an influence on society. If you concur with our aim and the projects we are running, become a member.

What does being an Elhuyar member signify?

Members not only support Elhuyar’s projects financially, they are important players in the Elhuyar Foundation:

  • They are a source of views and ideas.
  • They collaborate in our projects.
  • They take part in Elhuyar’s programmes and activities.

What is more, the members are represented on the Elhuyar Foundation’s Board of Trustees: three members represent individual collaborators, five members represent institutions and another five represent collaborating companies.

Members receive the Elhuyar magazine once a quarter, they can access the advance website of the Elhuyar Dictionary totally free of charge and take advantage of a 20% discount if they purchase items produced by the Elhuyar Foundation.

Individuals, companies or institutions can be members of Elhuyar.

What will my contribution be used for?

For making Elhuyar’s projects viable, for setting up new projects and for investing in initiatives over the coming years.

Will my contribution be eligible for tax relief in my tax return?

Despite making a 65-euro contribution as an individual, you will be able to enjoy tax relief of 30% in your tax return; that way you will only be paying 45.50 euros.

How can I become a member?

To become an Elhuyar member, you will need to complete the form in the “Become an Elhuyarkide” section, and once you have filled it in, we will get in touch with you. If you prefer, you can become a member by phone or email. To do this, call 943 36 30 40 and ask for the Membership Section or email us at

To get in touch

If you have any queries or need further information, please get in touch with our Membership Section:
Izaro Aizpurua Arkauz
tel.: 943363040 (313 extension)