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Become an Elhuyarkide

Would you like to be Elhuyar?

The Elhuyar Group is underpinned by the Elhuyar Foundation. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and its aim is as follows: to build an active, critical, egalitarian society from the starting point of the Basque language, by using technology and knowledge and spreading science. So the members of the Foundation concur with this aim.

The Elhuyar Foundation seeks to be an organisation rooted in society and that is why we want to join forces with the individuals, companies and institutions that concur with our aim.

How to collaborate financially:

  • Individual collaborators: a contribution of 65 euros a year is made to become a member of the Elhuyar Foundation (30% of the contribution is eligible for tax relief in one’s tax return). So even though the contribution is 65 euros, you will in fact only be paying 45.50 euros.
  • Companies and institutions: the offer we make is adapted to the size of each company or institution (ask for information).

What does being a member mean? What advantages can members enjoy?

The members identify with Elhuyar’s aim and support Elhuyar’s projects financially. The members are important players in the Elhuyar Foundation:

  • They are a source of views and ideas.
  • They collaborate in our projects.
  • They take part in Elhuyar’s programmes and activities.

What is more, the members are represented on the Elhuyar Foundation’s Board of Trustees: three members represent individual collaborators, five members represent institutions and another five represent collaborating companies.

The members receive the Elhuyar magazine once a quarter, they can access the advance website of the Elhuyar dictionary totally free of charge, and take advantage of a 20%-discount if they purchase items produced by the Elhuyar Foundation.

How to become a member:

It’s very easy. Just complete this form and you will become an Elhuyar member. Remember that even though you will be making a contribution of 65 euros, 30% will be eligible for tax relief in your tax return. We will get in touch with you when we receive the form.

Come on! Become one of our members, be Elhuyar!

See terms and conditions.