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STEAM Education Tracking and Disclosure

In order to know the knowledge that is being generated around STEAM education, we participate in European projects and follow up on the innovations that arise in the field of science didactics. We lead the STEMFAIRNET project, which aims to create a transnational network of science fairs and share good practices both to improve the development of STEM competencies and to reach all students. On the other hand, we have in place the Emergent project, created to help science, technology and math teachers train on gender equality. In addition, we are part of a STEAM education consortium composed of participants from various European countries, within the SPOON project (STEM education and Practice are not Only about the cONtent), led by the French agency 'Maison pour la Science' and the University of Strasbourg (Unistra).

In addition, at, we share knowledge, report on appropriate practices and publish resources that can inspire both young people and teachers.

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