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We create initiatives to develop the skills of scientific and technological education of young people and the skills necessary for the 21st century, always from an inclusive and experience-based perspective.

The aim is to train to take on the challenges of society, taking into account the diversity of STEAM itineraries. We join the regulated and unregulated education system with the science and technology system; to do this, we bring the young scientific-technical professionals of their environment and encourage them to work on STEAM projects.

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    Zientzia Azoka is a project fair developed by young people, which allows to live research and development from within. Students aged 12 to 18, with the help of various professionals, develop a scientific or technological research project in a group and then present the result in public.
  • Bizilabe

    Bizilabe is a research centre aimed at young people between 10 and 19 years old, located in leisure spaces, where young people develop their creativity and carry out research in an independent and interdisciplinary environment; without the pressure of the school classroom or a rigid program, that…
  • STEAM Education Advisory

    We work on new methodologies, research models, inspirational actions and new trends in STEAM education, addressing both regulated and non-regulated education, and offer advice and collaboration opportunities to those agents who want to participate in this initiative.
  • STEAM Education Tracking and Disclosure

    We have also launched several initiatives to try to bring society closer to the scientific system. The main objective is, on the one hand, to achieve greater participation of society in science and, on the other, to try to have science direct its gaze to society.

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