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We work to foster scientific culture. Fostering social responsibility against techno-scientific decisions to contribute to the construction of a critical, plural and egalitarian society. In order to reach the maximum number of recipients, we developed different projects, with special emphasis on collaboration with researchers and agents from the Basque Country.

  • Elhuyar magazine

    Publication of scientific and technological issues, quarterly on paper and daily update on the website.
  • Television program Teknopolis

    Television program on scientific-technological topics. It is aimed at all audiences and its objective is to inform about the latest developments in science and technology from both the Basque Country and the rest of the world. It is broadcast weekly in Basque on ETB1 and in Spanish on ETB2.
  • Radio program Norteko ferrokarrilla

    Radio Programme on Science and Technology Through various collaborations, listeners of the Basque Country Irratia are offered information and reflections on the occur in these areas both in the Basque Country and in the rest of the world.

    Scientific content reference website for the general public: videos, audios, articles, agenda, dictionary, advanced search engine, thematic classification… all created by the Elhuyar team.
  • Awards and events

    Elhuyar, in collaboration with other agents of the science and technology network, organizes various competitions and initiatives (CAF-Elhuyar Awards, Onzientzia…) to promote, reward and recognize the dissemination in Basque of research and scientific and technical issues and their dissemination in…
  • Promoting responsible research and innovation

    In order to bring society closer to the scientific system, we have launched various initiatives.

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