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Communication services

We offer specialized communication services, adapted to customer needs. Although we are specialized in science and technology, we work comfortably in all areas. We have a team of scientists, journalists and linguists. We specialize in content and specialists also in communication in all types of media.

  • Integral communication service

    We develop communication strategies, advise institutions and carry out the tasks of a press office: relations with the media, press releases, social networks, mailings, websites, newsletters…
  • Audiovisual equipment

    We design and produce audiovisuals for all types of formats and media, from corporate or didactic videos to documentaries.
  • Communication of events and congresses

    We are also dedicated to the communication and dissemination of events and congresses of all disciplines.
  • Communication service for European projects

    We work in the communication and dissemination of research, development and innovation projects, both European and the rest of the world, so that the high level knowledge generated reaches society.

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