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Use of Basque and planning

We offer advice and technical support to advance the use of Basque both individually and in groups, in organizations and companies.

For the development of all these processes, our pillars are the following:

  • Teamwork: essential for effective work, to consolidate the team and achieve a joint and coherent vision.
  • Participation: it is important to know the situation, analyze it together, and create something among all, putting the subjective and objective conditions necessary to change reality and promoting as broad participation as possible.
  • Communication: key to success at all stages of the process, with feedback and feedback.
  • Flexibility: to make processes successful, jobs and deadlines need to be adaptable to make the necessary changes and adaptations in each case.
  • Learning process: that all participants learn during and from the process, and that everyone learns together and between them.
  • Subjectivity: based on people and relationships, it is important to strengthen the group, as well as to promote cohesion and autonomy.
  • Coordination and network vision: it is important to agree on strategies, taking advantage of synergies and giving a common response to needs, optimizing resources, sharing and expanding perspectives, always within a comprehensive policy.
  • Gender equality: one of the fundamental pillars of our work is, in addition to guaranteeing the presence of women, analyzing and making visible the power relations between women and men in order to build more egalitarian dynamics.

In all processes we take into account the following elements:

  • Diversity: we take into account the diversity of society (political sensitivity, origin, place of residence, age, functionality, language…) and manage the power relations that may arise, to always work in equality.
  • Language management: in all our activities we take steps to properly manage languages (Basque and Spanish) so that participants feel comfortable.
  • Educational approach: we enable learning and growth from experience, learning from the process itself and being aware of it for the future.

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