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Translations and language resources

At Elhuyar we have been working with languages for many years. We have a translation and proofreading service that offers and manages translations between the different languages of the European Union. In addition, we create linguistic resources, focused on Basque, and make them available to the whole society: dictionaries, corpus and automatic correctors.

In the case of dictionaries, the Elhuyar dictionaries website is well known

  • Specialized translation

    We offer specialized translations: scientific-technical texts of all levels; administrative and legal texts; communication and advertising campaigns; and web and software locations. We also make multilingual transcripts and subtitles.
  • Training and advice

    With the experience accumulated in our team, we train translators and language professionals, through both face-to-face and online courses: translation seminars for training in Basque and Spanish, fundamentals of translation, writing and technical writing, specialized training on the use of machine…
  • Linguistic quality audits

    Are you concerned about the quality of your organization's texts? The quality of the texts that an organization writes and sends is of vital importance to its reputation, so organizations that produce or translate many texts show their concern about this issue. In addition, it is important to…
  • Dictionaries

    In addition to the bilingual Elhuyar dictionary, we also have other terminological dictionaries that can be consulted on paper, web or mobile devices. We also have a service aimed at both public and private entities for which we produce dictionaries from the analysis of their documentation; these…
  • Corpus

    We have been working on corpus creation for many years. We make monolingual, bilingual or multilingual corpus. For this we use our own technology, the result of the research work we carry out in the field of language technologies. The corpus is created for examples of the actual use of the language…
  • Correctors

    Together with the research group Ixa of the UPV/EHU, we develop, update and make available to all the Basque corrector Xuxen. This is a long-distance project, and we offer updates for various applications and devices.

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