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Translation aid technologies are those that integrate into the flows and tools used in translation work. The aim is to optimize the translation process, thus improving productivity, always ensuring the quality of work.

We offer solutions for both translation companies and organisations involved in language management. For example, we offer both public and private entities software and tools for the exploitation of translation memories, as well as web applications and a consulting service to improve the management of translation processes. In addition, we also have high-quality machine translation systems based on neural networks and machine learning, to facilitate work in multilingual contexts; this is the case of the platform, which allows translating both plain texts and formatted documents.

In addition to offering bespoke machine translation services, we continuously develop research projects in this area. Then, we make available to clients the results obtained in research projects and integrate those resources into their daily work.

The main lines of research we work on in the field of translation technologies are as follows:

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