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Aditu, Elhuyar's speech recognizer

Aditu is the result of research conducted with voice recognition technology. It is a platform that allows you to convert the voice of video and audio files into text, and then you can edit the result.

It makes automatic transcriptions of video and audio files in Basque and Spanish, as well as bilingual files. It also allows the creation of subtitles automatically, making it an ideal tool to ensure accessibility in audiovisual products.

Aditu allows the automatic transcription and subtitling of audio-visual in a few minutes, making it a very useful system for subtitling meetings, municipal plenary sessions or documentaries.

These are the main functions offered by Aditu:

  • Transcriptions and automatic subtitles of audiovisual files with interventions in Basque and Spanish.
  • It has an advanced editing interface for correction of subtitles and transcriptions, which allows the user to easily make the necessary adaptations.
  • Allows automatic translation of subtitles and transcripts through the automatic translator Elia.
  • It allows the download of subtitles and transcriptions in different formats and, in the case of subtitles, you can also download the video with the subtitles already inserted.
  • Confidentiality and security: User data and information sent through the service are handled securely.
  • Thanks to its REST API, it can be integrated into any application.

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