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Noticia Elhuyar

This weekend begins the new season of TEKNOPOLIS

2020 | September 21
  • Science and technology programme comes loaded with news
  • Saturdays in ETB1 and Sundays in ETB2 at 13:30
  • Science and technology programme comes loaded with news
  • Saturdays in ETB1 and Sundays in ETB2 at 13:30

This morning the new season of the Teknopolis program, dedicated to science and technology, has been presented. In fact, it will leave this weekend, Saturday of ETB1 and Sunday in ETB2, both at the same time: 13:30 hours.

It is undoubtedly a season conditioned by the coronavirus, and is willing to respond to this situation. The presenter will be Iñaki Leturia Yurrita, and the directors will be Nagore Rementeria Argote and Leturia.

At the press conference Leturia explained that this health crisis has highlighted the need for programs such as Teknopolis. People are asking for truthful, accurate and reliable information, and the main challenge this year will be to meet that need. As on previous occasions, Leturia has stated that it will faithfully fulfill the function that emerged in this 23rd edition: “Teknopolis must be there and be there to answer people’s questions.”

They will have the collaboration of Ana Galarraga, member of the Scientific Unit of Elhuyar. Galarraga is closely monitoring covid-19, with a special chapter. It will offer the latest news, news and basic information about coronavirus. The usual scientific and technological issues in the session will not be lacking.

At the press conference, some of the topics that are being discussed have been advanced, such as the decline of insects, rowing technology or reports on a group of cyclists who perform altimetry.

The presentation took place in Tknika, the Centre for Applied Research of the FP of the Basque Country. Amaia Esquisabel Alegría, Research Director of the Basque Government, highlighted the functions of science, technology, education and research: “In the current context, especially in which we are immersed, no one questions the role of science and technology, education and research for the future and development of our society. Teknopolis opens on weekends the doors of our universities and research centers, as well as our researchers, to make scientific and technological news known to society and make it more accessible and improve the perception and understanding of science.”

Xabier Aurrekoetxea Basañez, deputy program director of ETB1, has also ratified what was said by Iñaki Leturia. For him, this new pandemic situation that we live in today has brought Teknopolis to a center of today. The program has also praised its brilliant trajectory in ETB programming, making science and technology outreach attractive and necessary.

Garazi Andonegi Beristain, director of the scientific unit of Elhuyar, stressed that Teknopolis is the speaker of the scientific community: “One more year, Teknopolis brings home innovation, technology and scientific news from Euskal Herria and around the world. And we want to be more than ever the speaker of this scientific community: disseminate what they do in an informative way, highlight their need, delve into an ethical and critical vision and highlight the need to influence scientific policies.”

Finally, Andonegi thanked the sponsoring and collaborating entities of the new edition of Teknopolis for their collaboration: EITB, Departamento de Desarrollo Económico Sostenible y Medio Ambiente del Gobierno Vasco y Departamento de Educación, Universidad del País Vasco, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Universidad Pública de Navarra, TKNIKA, centro de investigación e innovación aplicada a la Formación Profesional, Ente Vasco de la Energía y FECYT, Fundación Española para la Ciencia y